Milton Keynes Trades Council AGM – 20 January

The AGM of the Milton Keynes Trades Council is to be held on Thursday 20 January at the Bletchley Railway Club (just by Bletchley Station). The meeting starts at 7pm.


– Marcus Armstrong from MK Palestine Solidarity Campaign

– Speaker from MK Coalition of Resistance

All welcome

One response to “Milton Keynes Trades Council AGM – 20 January

  1. Alternative Publications and Cards –
    – we distribute…
    1. “HIDDEN WOUNDS” Brutalised soldiers are coming home to brutalise…
    About the rehabilitation / psychological problems that Northern Ireland veterans experience on their return to civvy street and the number who end up in HM prisons. Also comment on Vietnam veterans. By former soldier
    Alistair Renwick. £4.99. (nb. Between 1984 and 2006, 687 serving soldiers committed suicide-MoD statistics)

    They ask me where I’ve been
    And what I’ve done and seen.
    But what can I reply
    Who knows it wasn’t I,
    But someone just like me
    Who went across the sea
    And with my head and hands
    Killed men in foreign lands…
    Though I must bear the blame,
    Because he bore my name. Wilfred Gibson 1WW vet

    2. “NOTHING BUT THE SAME OLD STORY” – the roots of anti-Irish racism by Liz Curtis.
    “I welcome this book and feel it will help play a valuable part in helping to remove the negative and racist stereotyping which so often adversely effects the Irish community in Britain.” Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London. £2.50

    Part of our Irish Studies series – includes books and videos. Ask for separate leaflet.
    3. An Interlude with Seagulls – Memories of a Long Kesh internee by Bobby Devlin. ‘I went into Castlereagh a poor, humble postman, but according to information received, I was a brigadier-general in the Irish Republican Army. This dramatic promotion must have even eclipsed General Custer’s meteoric rise in the American civil war. £1.50 scarce

    4. …LAST NIGHT ANOTHER SOLDIER…by Alistair Renwick. A novel written by an ex-soldier. Not for the
    faint hearted, it deals with the reality of British soldiers experience in Northern Ireland. £3.95

    5. Cormac Strikes Back – resistance cartoons from the North of Ireland. Cormac is a radical and very popular Belfast cartoonist. Introduction by Guardian cartoonist
    Steve Bell. £2.50

    6. British Soldiers Speak Out on Ireland. 1969-198? A real exposé by ex squaddies. Some then on the run. Published at 40p scarce item now £5.00. Only a few

    7. THEY SHOOT CHILDREN – between April 1972 and April 1986, 16 people, seven of them children, were killed by plastic and rubber bullets. £1.00 scarce

    Also – Peace Cards, Rebel Cards, May Day Cards, Celtic art workshops and exhibitions – we attend community festivals.

    8. Selected Short Stories Of Donall MacAmhlaigh. – Northampton based writer and chronicler of the Irish working experience in Britain, author of An Irish Navvy,
    Schnitzer O’Shea, An Dialann Deoraí etc. £6.00

    9. An Irish Navvy by Donall MacAmhlaigh now back in print. £10.00

    10. Irish Poetry BEYOND THE SHORE
    A poetry anthology by the first and later generations living in Britain, France and the USA. 47 poems by 32 internationally acclaimed poets. Fergus Allan, Linda Anderson, Samuel Beckett, Brian Farrington, Nigel Gray, Desmond Greaves, Sean Hutton, Derry Jeffares, Richard Kell, Brendan Kennelly, Thomas Kinsella, Tom Leonard, James Liddy, Eddie Linden, Roger McGough, Edward Mackin, Joe Malone, Gerard Mangan, Ewart Milne, Aiden Murphy, Hayden Murphy, Michael P O’Connor, Desmond O’Grady, Michael O’Neill, Derry O’Sullivan, Tom Paulin, Cyril Leslie Riley, Padraig Rooney, Deirdre Shanahan, Matthew Sweeney, Shaun Traynor, Robert Welsh. £4.00 including uk postage. $10.00 USA airmail – only a few left.

    11. Rebel Cards – a celebration of our heroes – most cards have a picture on the front with a short biography or quote on the inside left. Wolfe Tone 3, Robert Emmet 2, Jamie Hope, Henry Joy McCracken, Chartist Leaders, Feargus O’Connor, Bronterre O’Brien, James Fintan Lalor, Michael Davitt, Robert Owen, Young Irelanders, James Connolly – 3 Countess Markievicz, Padraig Pearse, Roger Casement, Michael Collins, Maud Gonne MacBride, Jim Larkin, Jim Connell + The Red Flag, Charles Bradlaugh + I was there quote, Anne Besant, Joseph Priestly, Terance MacSwiney, John MacLean, William Morris, Robert Tressell, Sylvia Pankhurst, G.B.Shaw, John Devoy, Charlotte Despard, Keir Hardie, Thomas Paine, Martin Niemoeller quote, Gustaf Holst, Eva Gore-Booth, Shelley red poet, John Clare farm worker poet, Scotland Go Bragh, Erin Go Bragh, Irish Proclamation – facsimile edition, Revolution means Change, The Minstrel Boy, The Training Ground, etc + May Day Cards – 10 designs-The Solidarity of Labour, Tolpuddle Martyrs etc. Peace Cards (anti-war)-12 designs, Bookmarks etc. £7.00 for ten.

    12. The Missing Piece in the Peace Process by Ken Keable. Why British people must campaign for Britain to withdraw from Northern Ireland. Foreword by Tony Benn. £3.00

    13. The Irish Republican Congress Revisited by Patrick Byrne (former joint Secretary with Frank Ryan) £2.00 o/p

    14. Video – ‘The Irishmen’ they came to rebuild a post war Britain – social commentary made in 1965. Music by Ewan Macoll and Joe Heaney. £18.00 – rare footage.

    From-Northampton Connolly Association 5 Woodland Avenue, Abington, Northampton NN3 2BY. Tel. 01604-715793 e-mail.

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