Weekly Worker election special

Below are links to the various articles, reports and letters from the latest edition of the Weekly Worker, including extensive coverage of the recent European elections:

Left deformity; Far rightist; No to mark two; Planet Turley; Dad’s army; Naive; Next best; Foresight; Transferable vote; Military mates; Non-nation; RSF view

Yes, comrades: ‘Time to fight back together’
Ben Lewis replies to the SWP’s “Open letter to the left” (Socialist Worker June 13)

Labour hammered, left gets nowhere
The trend to right populism was emphasised on June 4, writes Mike Macnair. But how will the left respond?

End of SSP dream
Sarah McDonald reports on a terminally sick moralistic campaign

CPB: national interest
Lawrence Parker waits with bated breath for further post-mortems

Why we voted Labour
Peter Manson reports on the controversy in the CPGB over the leadership’s offer of conditional support to No2EU and ultimate call for a Labour vote

Confident and optimistic
The traditional fundraising drive of the Communist Party – the Summer Offensive – started on June 6. Howard Roake looks at its politics and possibilities

Die Linke disappoints
How come electoral support for Die Linke has decreased while the effects of the deepening capitalist crisis on the working class in Germany have increased? Tina Becker takes a closer look

No breakthrough for NPA
PCF crisis opens way for a genuinely revolutionary challenge, writes Jean-Michel Edwin

Disaster for radical left
Toby Abse reports on the Italian Euro elections and some extremely dubious alliances

Government rout, left gains
It was heartening to see a number of leftwing candidates elected, writes Anne Mc Shane

Far right on the march?
James Turley sees the best positioned anti-establishment parties on the far right

On the margins of the margins
Jim Moody assesses No2EU’s failure to make any kind of impact at the Euro elections


One response to “Weekly Worker election special

  1. This blog was plugged at Socialist Unity.

    I should follow European politics more.

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