Help us to raise £25,000 by August 15 2009!

Tatlin’s Tower or The Monument to the Third International was a grand monumental building envisioned by the Russian artist and architect Vladimir Tatlin, but never built.

Every year, the Communist Party organises a Summer Offensive – an intensive burst of fundraising work, normally lasting two months. This year, we have again set ourselves the ambitious target of £25,000. During the next two months, members, supporters and sympathisers of the CPGB will work hard to raise their targets – but we also need the help of our online sympathisers and Weekly Worker e-readership. As of June 9 2009, we have received pledges for £14,010 and actual contributions of £677. Can you contribute, too?

Here’s why we need the money:

  • Hands Off the People of Iran. This is an important campaign, especially with Barack Obama and Nikolas Sarkozy issuing dire warnings recently in France against Iran’s ongoing nuclear programme. There would be “consequences and costs”, added US secretary of state Hillary Clinton – specifically “crippling sanctions”. Hopi has raised the banner of principled internationalism. Implacable against war, sanctions or any form of imperialist interventions in the Middle East. At the same time, we do not compromise in our opposition to the clerical regime and support the social movements fighting for democracy and social change. The CPGB remains a steadfast supporter of Hopi and that means a great financial commitment from us.
  • Producing the Weekly Worker places a heavy financial burden on our organisation – political independence comes at a price. You do not have to agree with us on every dot and comma in order to appreciate our open and democratic press.
  • Communist Students, in which CPGB comrades play a leading role. This has made an impact in the student milieu, promoting the idea of open, democratic and unashamed Marxist organisation. Again, the CPGB provides much-needed financial support to this fledgling organisation.
  • Our website, which is in urgent need of an overhaul. This is the main gateway into our politics for the majority of people who read our paper, who are influenced by the political positions we defend. To make the whole thing more accessible and interactive, we have to buy new programmes, sort out new arrangements with servers, pay for now facilities on the site such as videos and podcasts – an important political investment for the future.
  • Our annual school, Communist University. Quite apart from materials to help build and advertise the event, we need to cover travel expenses for speakers (this year for example, there are speakers coming from Russia and Canada to lead sessions – see below), to provide subsidised places for younger and poorly paid comrades, etc.
  • We need to properly equip our new, more spacious office. Comrades have been pretty imaginative so far in ‘improvising’ shelving and filing space, but we still need to invest to get the place working efficiently.

Last year, CPGB member James Turley had his head shaved – and raised over £300, with many friends and family members sponsoring him. You don’t have to take quite such drastic measures to support this year’s campaign!

Letter to CPGB supporters and sympathisers, June 8 2009

Comrades and friends

We are writing to ask your support for this year’s Summer Offensive, the CPGB’s annual fundraising drive. We have a decent amount pledge already after the first weekend (it was launched on June 6), but now we need the help of comrades like you if we are to achieve our target of £25,000 by August 15.

The SO concentrates the minds of comrades in and around the party on the financial sinews of war needed for our political fight for principled revolutionary unity. During the two months of the campaign, many comrades set themselves ambitious individual targets to reach – but there are no lower limits on what everyone can contribute. Every penny is much appreciated and useful to us. Please check out below how you can contribute. (click here for full letter)


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