New Deal = bad deal

Running prisons for the unemployed

Running prisons for the unemployed

An old comrade of mine, who I know from my time in the Socialist Alliance in East Anglia, has been threatened with the loss of all of the benefits he lives off of because YMCA Training (who run the New Deal course in his area) have taken offense to what he has written about their course. This is an atrocious act of bullying and attempted censorship which must be opposed.

by Dave

Please take a minute of your time to conact YMCA Training’s head office to let them know what you think of this:

To read more about this please visit the blog in question: Tendance Coatsey

And here is the website of Ipswich Unemployed Action

2 responses to “New Deal = bad deal

  1. It is far beyond a joke, he was barely in the room more than 30 minutes. Also see for more information on it.

    I am sure Andrew will (if he does hear their story) post the official reason/statement on the blog for all to see.

    I can’t see them being entirely honest. I think they will accuse him of changing the homepages and printing off articles from the IUA site – even though he weren’t on the course then so was impossible.

    Jobcentre Plus are too dumb and too busy to check dates on things – so I think he will be guilty of a misconduct offence (even though in that 30 minutes he weren’t doing anything wrong)

    I (another IUA member) previously had problems with YMCA Training hence why I agreed to co-found the group. Just when things looked pretty bad for them, they deciding to pick on another IUA member – which definitely will not be helping their case!

    Will be interesting if they make it another year.

  2. You may be interested to hear that the dismissal has been “justified” to prevent a Health & Safety incident. H&S? Yes, they seriously needed a way out of it and they sure tricked the Jobcentre.

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