Israel’s barbaric onslaught on Gaza – what’s the solution for the Middle East?

Communists unreservedly condemn the barbaric onslaught launched by the Zionist state of Israel and the ongoing siege of Gaza. We urge supporters, members and friends of the Party to participate in the demonstrations taking place all over the country (click here for more info)

For background information, read two articles that have recently appeared in the Weekly Worker:
Beyond Zionism After the election of Barack Obama, what are the prospects for peace in the Middle East?
Arab agency and a Marx-Engels analogy Jack Conrad concludes his two-part article on Palestine, arguing for working class leadership of the Arab revolution


6 responses to “Israel’s barbaric onslaught on Gaza – what’s the solution for the Middle East?

  1. To all the people who sleep safely in their beds at night and have the audacity to criticize the Israeli government, this is for you:
    None of you spoke in the past 8 years when rockets and bombs fell in southern Israeli cities, causing death and destruction without any provocation on our part.
    What you need to understand are two things-
    First of all, there is no functioning government in Gaza. The Hamas took over (in a military coup!) and they are running the show. The Hamas, in case you didn’t know, is a terror organization. Just like Al-kaida and Hezbollah. Israel is dealing with terror organizations all through its borders. Not with governments. And not with civilians. We have nothing against the Palestinians. Only the terrorists.
    The second thing you need to know is that the Hamas is a very cynical organization which uses innocent women and children to fight Israel. They launch their missals from civilian’s houses, not from open fields or military camps, and when the Israeli army wants to destroy those missals launchers- sometimes innocent people die.
    They stash weapons; bombs etc. in hospitals, mosques, civil houses and schools exactly for this reason- they know that the Israeli army will not bomb those places. Over the years, they have dig tunnels between Egypt and Gaza to smuggle everything, including weapons which is being used against us.
    The Israeli army has such advanced technologies they can surgically hit those places. And that is exactly what we are doing. The manipulations in the media, done by the Arabs are ridicules, at best.
    Ask yourself- what would you do if your life was constantly under threat? Look at the map. Maybe that will help you grasp our geographic situation.
    The purpose of the Israeli army is to defend. Not attack.
    So next time you think about how miserable and poor the Palestinians are, and how powerful and evil the Israelis are- think again. And if you support the Palestinians right now in any way- that means you support terrorism.
    (Written by a left-wing Israeli who thinks terror should not win anywhere in the world).

  2. Interesting that a group affiliated with an ideology that was responsible for the enslavement and/or deaths of millions in Eastern Europe would cry over the deaths of a few hundred supremacist Arab terrorists in a self-defense situation. Ignorance is a very expensive commodity.

  3. Dear shirajordan,

    you need to think much more critically about these things, and actually take into account the ideas behind the blog that you are commenting on.

    We have no love for Hamas – they are a despicable organisation. But you need to ask yourself why they have such support amongst the Palestinians in Gaza, rather than spending your time in denial. You should also remember that the Israeli state, alongside other imperialist interests, was instrumental in the establishment of Hamas – as a counterweight to the Palestinian *left* who they then saw as the major threat.

    You completely contradict yourself when you initially say: “We have nothing against the Palestinians. Only the terrorists.”

    But then conclude your comment by claiming that “if you support the Palestinians right now in any way- that means you support terrorism.”

    As for thinking that Israelis are “evil”, if you think this is what we think then you have clearly not read the linked articles which this comment *should* relate to. I don’t doubt that we would still disagree, but if you read what you are commenting on, then at least we might be able to have a better argument.


    Biden is correct, some foreign leader is going to try the steel of Obama, but which foreign leader will it be? Will it be Russia, Iran, China, or North Korea? None of the above. It will be Israel. The forces of evil have already raised its ugly head. What Obama wanted to do with world diplomacy, re-establishing the credibility of the US especially in the Muslim world, Israel is making that extremely difficult. President Bush has already blamed the victims (Gaza) and justified the perpetrators (Israel) for the violence in Gaza. That is the same as a woman being brutally rape and the judge arrest the woman and blames her for allowing the rapist to rape her. The people of Gaza are being killed with American made and American donated F-16 fighter jets, GPS-guided GBU-39 smart bombs, and Tanks. Why is it that every time Israel raid Gaza, Ramallah, Hebron, or Lebanon , the United States that pays? What was Israel doing at 911? They were in Ramallah doing the same thing that they are doing in Gaza now. It was the unbalance America foreign policy in the Middle East that caused 911 and led the US into the Iraq war. According to Bush advisor Philip Zelikow “the IRAQ war was launched to protect Israel.” The only problem is that Americans are giving their lives and Israel politicians are laughing all the way to the bank. This unbalance policy has also caused the US to lose its credibility and positive standing in the World as well as thousands of lives. Is America going to allow Israeli politicians and American Zionist Lobbyists to continue to put the American people in harms way? Yes, Muslims worldwide will continue to say “no justice no peace” Christians worldwide should also cry out and condemn the actions of Israel. When will the US foreign policy in the Middle East be fair and balance? When are the American politicians going to say enough is enough? Will Obama be fair and balance? Or will Obama be controlled by AIPAC and the Jewish lobby?

  5. Anyone who uses terms like “Jewish lobby” is obviously not on the Left. (Then again, phrases like “the forces of evil” are rather suspect also.)

  6. In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful



    and plz Not mute about GAZA

    The poeple have not way and in the blockade to trans the women and children ulcerous

    and ………


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