Mike Macnair: ‘Revolutionary strategy – Marxism and the challenge of left unity’

Just published

Revolutionary strategy – Marxism and the challenge of left unity

The free-market triumphalism of the 1990s is over. Early 21st century capitalism looks like Karl Marx’s description: growing extremes of wealth and poverty, and irrepressible boom-bust cycles. But for the moment, the beneficiary of growing anti-capitalism is forms of right wing religious and nationalist nostalgia politics. The political left remains in the shadow of its disastrous failures in the 20th century.

The centre-left, insofar as it has not joined forces with the neoliberal right, clings to nationalist and bureaucratic-statist nostalgia for the social-democratic Cold War era. The far left clings to the coat-tails of the centre-left. It is barred from uniting itself – let alone anyone else – by its unwillingness to think critically about the ideas of the early Communist International, especially on the ‘revolutionary party’.

To get beyond these traps we need to re-examine critically the strategic ideas of socialists since Marx and Engels’ time and their development. In this book, Mike Macnair begins this task.

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